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SAE U.S.A. Region Coordinator Theodore Spyropoulos congratulates Deputy FM Demetris Dollis on the repatriation of Greeks from Libya
New York03.03.2011

A congratulatory letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demetris Dollis was sent by SAE U.S.A. Region Coordinator, Theodore Spyropoulos on the safe return of Greeks from Libya.

Mr. Spyropoulos in his letter addressed to Mr. Dollis, conveyed his sincere congratulations, on behalf of SAE U.S.A. members on the “successful operation” for the repatriation of Greeks from Libya in extremely difficult conditions.

Furthermore he expressed his congratulations on the assistance provided by the Greek government in the evacuation of Chinese nationals from Libya, noting that “every operation you have executed until today, from the repatriation of teacher Thanassis Lerounis, to the repatriation of Greek citizens from Egypt and those from Libya have been crowned with success”.

In conclusion, the Coordinator of SAE U.S.A Region emphasized to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs that “we are twice as proud, since you come from the Greek Diaspora”.

Source: ANAMPA

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