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Supporting the Hellenism of Egypt in these critical times

The Coordinator of SAE Africa – Middle East, Mr. Harris Gouvelis, sent letters to Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria and all Africa, the President of SAE, Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis, the President of the Hellenic Community of Alexandria, Mr. Giannis Siokas and the President of the Greek Community of Cairo, Mr. Christos Kavalis.

In these letters, Mr. Gouvelis expressed his support, as well as his sincere congratulations for everyone’s strong stance, their actions and excellent cooperation with the Patriarchate, the Diplomatic Authorities, the Local Authorities, and community members for the safety of the Greek Diaspora remaining in Egypt, the uninterrupted operation of charitable institutions, churches, schools, associations, as well as addressing the problems which came up.

Furthermore, he praised the fact that the present crisis, brought back to the surface, the value, significance and importance of the role of Greek communities and organizations towards the benefit of our communities in the countries we live.

Lastly he addressed a letter to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Demetris Dollis, expressing the sincere congratulations of the Region’s Coordinating Council and the Greek Diaspora for their activities, immediate response and effective actions, resulting in the safe transportation of Greeks who decided to move temporarily from Alexandria to Greece, as well as the ongoing interest of the Deputy FM for the Hellenism of Egypt, in these critical times.

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