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The President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad and Honorary President of the Greek Community of Alexandria, Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis, currently in his base in Alexandria, is following the latest developments in Egypt with great concern.

From the first day of riots in Egypt, Mr. Tamvakis is in constant cooperation with the Consul General of Greece in Alexandria, Mr. Giorgos Diakofotakis, Alexandria Greek Community President, Mr. Giannis Siokas and Cairo Greek Community President, Mr. Christos Kavalis, the members of the Community Committee, the leadership of Greek Diaspora organizations and the community, to ensure the safety of Greeks remaining in Egypt and to address the current unsettling situation in the country.

In a telephone conversation he had today with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Greeks Abroad, Mr. Demetris Dollis, Mr. Tamvakis informed him on the situation of Greeks remaining in Alexandria and Egypt, in general, but also on the latest developments.

The President of SAE, thanked once again the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for the successful operation to transport Greeks in Greece, last Tuesday, but also for the absolute support of the Greek government and himself towards the suffering Hellenism of Egypt in these difficult times.

This morning, Mr. Tamvakis visited Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All Africa, who arrived in Alexandria from Cairo, via Sharm el-Sheikh, to discuss the current issues.

He also visited, along with the President of the Greek Community of Alexandria, Mr. Giannis Siokas and members of the Community Committee, the “Antoniadis – Kaniskeris” home for the elderly, and had a discussion with senior citizens hosted at the home, emphasizing that he remains on their side.

At the same time he is in constant communication and is informed by Egyptian Authorities on current developments.

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