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You are invited to help plan the new SAE

The World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE/USA) invites the omogeneia Hellenes to actively participate in the public dialogue and to express their opinions in connection with SAE/USA as part of the drive to determine how the organization should be restructured and evolve into a functioning, effective institution that unites, coordinates and embodies the forces of Contemporary Ecumenical Hellenism.

The necessity of SAE to change became apparent during at the 7th meeting of its presidium in Thessaloniki last October. At that meeting, attended by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dimitri Dollis, it was decided to encourage public discussion about the future of this institution within the omogeneia.

SAE USA is launching this dialogue through the use of a questionnaire (published in Greek and English) that allows participation of every interested Hellene regardless of previous membership in any other omogeneia organizations.

Answers received will be distributed to SAE’s presidium, to the appropriate deputy minister of foreign affairs, and to the parliament’s Special Permanent Committee on Diaspora Hellenism. The answers will then be compiled along with those from other regions as the Special Committee on SAE’s restructuring begins its deliberations.

Individuals who wish to participate in the formation of the new SAE may request a copy of the questionnaire (both in Greek and English) from the regional office of SAE USA at saeusa@sbcglobal.net (Tel. 312-627-1821) or by accessing the website, www.saeusa.org.

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