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Athens poised to send military craft to evacuate Greeks from Egypt

Two C-130 military aircrafts are ready and on stand-by for orders from deputy foreign minister for overseas Greeks affairs Dimitris Dollis to take off from Elefsis military airbase for Alexandria to evacuate some 100 Greeks who have asked to return to Greece. 
Dollis said in radio and television interviews on Monday morning that approximately 100 Greeks in Alexandria have asked to be evacuated from Egypt, while there is information that another 17 people at Cairo airport. 
Dollis praised the presidents of the Greek communities of Cairo and Alexandria and the Greek diplomatic authorities in Egypt as having done “an incredible job”, rushing to the side of the Greeks from the outbreak of the crisis and informing them of the Greece’s mobilisation for evacuating them safely. 
Dollis said he is ready to board one of the aircraft himself and head to Egypt “to bring our people back”.

Source: ANAMPA

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