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e-Vasilopita cutting on February 21st 2011

All Greeks (from Greece, Cyprus and abroad) and Philhellenes (friends of Greece worldwide) are invited to join for another year, the cutting of the virtual Vasilopita (Greek traditional New Year’s cake), as every year by Diaktinismos, under the auspices of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE).

This year’s cutting will take place on the 21st of February 2011 on International Mother Language Day (UNESCO) at 11:00 am Greek Time.

Gathering around the table with loved ones and family is a special moment for Hellenism all over the world. The vasilopita that brought happiness and blessing to the habitants of the town of Vasilios the Great, Kessaria, keeps bringing happiness and joy in every Greek’s house each and every year.

The custom of Vasilopita cutting was adopted years ago by unions and associations all over the world, reviving it every year along with their members. The celebration and continuation of traditions and customs is undoubtedly a key characteristic of Greek people and especially for Hellenes abroad, since following tradition forms a strong bond with their country, their roots, their history and identity.

Online registrations will be accepted until the 20th of February 2011 on:


Or through facebook.

The custom of vasilopita conveys the message of unity, equality, love, justice, communication. In this year’s e-Vasilopita 9 flouria (Gold Coins) will be given.

This year’s pita also has a surprise, since fairies (xotiko) and goblins (kalikatzaros), aiming to destroy or steal one’s luck, will be appearing on e-vasilopita from the 25th of December 2010, until the 6th of January 2011, so virtual tables must be checked often.

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