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«Plant your roots in Greece»: New Partnerships for more oxygen in Greece and Cyprus

The voluntary work carried out for 16 years by the members of the Aegean Team in remote, border and small islands of the Aegean, is supported by the Hellenic American organization “Plant your Roots in Greece”. On the occasion of representatives of the Aegean Team visit in Washington and New York to inform the Greek Diaspora on their activities, “Plant your Roots in Greece” decided to donate 10.000 USD, initially, as motivation for every 4.000 trees planted in the islands the team visits, which are in relevant need.

The issue was discussed during a meeting between the President of the Foundation, Theodore Spyropoulos and the President of the Greek Medical Association of New York George Tsioulias. The Hellenic American Medical Association of New York participated this year in the Aegean Crossing, organized each year by Team Aegean on a voluntary basis. Through the member’s determination and the team’s supporters medical assistance is provided to island residents and more broadly humanitarian, environmental and cultural assistance to the Aegean islands.

“As we were informed by Mr. Tsioulias and Greek businessman Stavros Vougiouklakis, who supports the team, one of the team’s intentions is to tackle the water supply issue that these islands are faced with”, states Mr. Spyropoulos, adding that “the cost for tree planting is minimal because the trees are provided by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and the required work is based on volunteers. In this way, a large amount remains at the disposal of the respective Municipality for infrastructure projects”.

Meanwhile, the Diaspora organization of the Hellenic American Women’s Council (HAWC) donated 17.000 USD to the foundation. The organization’s representative, Evangelia Gouleta, president of Skyline Equities Realty, based in Miami, stated that “supporting of Greece and the environment are two of the top priorities of HAW and an integral part of its mission. We are proud for our Greek cultural heritage and we are willing to make a difference, as conscious citizens of the world, contributing to the noble mission of “Plant your Roots in Greece” foundation”.

The activity of the Hellenic American organization “Plant your Roots in Greece” is also extending to Cyprus. Contacts have already commenced with Cyprus Municipal Authorities for a new planting period. At the same time, communication is re-launched for collaborations with Greek local authorities, after the recent local elections in Greece, so as to plan new tree-planting activities.

Source: ANAMPA

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