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Message from the President of SAE Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis
On the Polytechnic Uprising Anniversary

Thirty-seven years following the Polytechnic uprising, the memory remains alive. On November 17th Greeks around the world honor those people who struggled against dictatorship and contributed with their struggles to the evolution of the political history of Modern Greece.

The main slogan of the Polytechnic uprising “Bread – Education – Liberty” was the expression of the agony and will of an entire nation, to live free, having lived for seven entire years under the colonel’s junta regime, which brutally violated human rights.

Today, at a time when Greece, but also Europe more broadly, are experiencing crises, not only on the economy, but also with respect to values, the new generation is being called to lead the way towards a new era.

Young Greeks worldwide are being called to fight, refraining from fanaticism and monolithic addressing of the problems, for consensus, pluralism and the synthesis of ideas and policies, for a more stable, a brighter future, worthy of the generation of the uprising in November 1973.

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