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Proposal by Basil Markezinis

Professor Basil Markezinis proposes the redefinition of Greek foreign policy, keeping equal distances towards the US – Russia – China, in his new book “A New Foreign Policy for Greece”, which was recently released by Livanis Publishing House.

Basil Markezinis places this process within the framework of gradual independence of Europe from the US.

The Professor links this choice with the presence of a new generation of politicians in the Greek political scene, “men and women, who will enter politics, having proven their skills in the profession, who don’t only perceive politics as the only prosperous profession they have entered or inherited”.

He refers to new forms of war “War is not always necessary to take place in the form of a military confrontation, but it can also appear in the form of large financial pressures, embargoes, imposition of tax duties or interventions in electronic media”.

He argues that the absolute power of the USA in shaping the fate of the world led, especially after 1990, to the development of an “American Nationalism” which is translated into interventions and wars (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc). With regards to the role of NATO, his view is particularly categorical.

Basil Markezinis was born in Athens in 1944. He was educated at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (LLB 1965) and the University of Cambridge (MA and PhD 1970) and held a studentship at St Antony’s College, Oxford (1970). Currently he is Jamail Regents Professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He established institutes at several universities in Europe and America for the comprehension of different legal systems.

He has authored 37 books related to legal science, geopolitics, art, psychobiography and has written articles for major US newspapers. He is a member of the British Academy and a corresponding member of the Academy of Belgium, Holland and the Academy of Athens.

In 2005 he was appointed Knight Bachelor in the New Year Honours List 2005 for “Distinguished Services to International Legal Relations”. He has been honored with many distinctions internationally. He is married to Evgenia Tripanis and they have a daughter and son. He lives in the United Kingdom.

Source: ANAMPA

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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