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Message of the President of SAE, Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis for the October 28th Anniversary and the three day celebration in Thessaloniki

For Hellenes abroad, this year’s October 28th anniversary, a bright milestone in the modern history of Greece, is an invitation for solidarity and unity to face the new challenges.

With celebrations in every corner of the Earth, we the Greeks of the Diaspora celebrate and honor the heroic “OXI” (no) of our People, which marked the struggle of mankind against fascism and nazism.

We honor the memory of those Greeks who sacrificed their lives for the sacred values of our nation, to defend the universal ideal of Freedom. We honor the heroism of all Greek People, which stood out in modern world history, as a decisive factor in the development of World War II.

Along with our National Anniversary of October 28th, we honor and mentally participate in the celebrations of Thessaloniki, Capital of Diaspora Hellenism, for its Patron Saint St. Demetrios and the liberation of the city.

Now that our Homeland is faced with new challenges, Greeks around the world renew our commitment to stand by its side united in this new struggle, conveying everywhere the message of optimism, hope and victory.

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