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Anniversary Event for the Battle of Marathon at the Capitol

An event at the Capitol in Washington DC, entitled “Marathon : 2500 years later”, is co-organized today, Friday, by SAE USA Region, the Hellenic – American Educators Federation and the Educational Office of the Greek Embassy, dedicated to the historical 2500 year anniversary, since the Battle of Marathon.

“This is the 3rd of the series of cultural events held in the Capitol, aiming towards the promotion of education in Greek language and Greek culture”, states the President of the Federation, Ms. Stella Kokolis. “We provide the opportunity to young students of Greek – American and American origin to present the Hellenic spirit to the American government”

Students from the Greek School of Potomac in Washington, St. Demetrios in Jamaica, New York and the Church Choir of St. Eleni and Constantine will be participating in the event.

The students will present the Battle of Marathon “through the eyes of Herodotus”. The Councelor for Education of the Embassy of Greece in Washington, Dr. Antonis Marmarinos, the director of St. Demetrios School, Dr. G. Melikokis and author and educator Dr. T. Papaloizos will be in charge of the presentation of the student’s program.

“The victorious Battle of Marathon was decisive for the salvation of Athenian Democracy and the glorious advancement of the Hellenic Classical Culture, determining the fate of the world culture and history”, states in a relevant message, the Coordinator of SAE USA Region, Mr. T. G. Spyropoulos. “It is deeply rooted within Greek and global consciousness, as 2500 years later, the Olympic Sport known as the Marathon is honored in all five continents of the world. The completion of 25 centuries since the heroic battle of our ancestors presents a unique opportunity for us to reflect on the inexhaustible wealth of our cultural heritage and contribute towards the restoration of these values that humanity is in need of today, more than ever.”

  • Photo from the 2009 Anniversary Event
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