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A message to the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Demetris Christophias, was sent by the President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad, Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis on the occasion of the Independence Day of Cyprus.

The text of the message follows:

Your Excellency Mr. President,

With feelings of pride and duty, reverently kneeling to the pantheon of Cypriot heroes-fighters who struggled for Freedom, Hellenism around the world celebrate

An important anniversary, which prompts us to reaffirm our continuous commitment and constant support towards the Hellenism of Cyprus. Faithful to our principles, everyone at the World Council of Hellenes Abroad, we continue our support and stand by your side in our common struggle, intensifying our efforts in all directions in order to achieve our vision.

Our hope and wish in this hour, is that the day will soon come, which will find all legal residents of Cyprus relishing in a peaceful environment the goods of the much coveted Freedom, in a united, strong, democratic and prosperous homeland.

With sincere regards,
Stefanos P. Tamvakis

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