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Stamatis Krimizis President of the newly founded National Council for Research and Technology

Distinguished scientists are currently in Greece, at the disposal of the Ministry of Education, as they are part of the newly established National Council for Research and Technology (NCRT), which had a meeting for the first time at the ministry, chaired by Stamatis Krimizis.

The NCRT operates as an independent advisory and consultative body to the Minister and is comprised of internationally renowned scientists with many years of experience and activity in Research and Technological Development.

After the meeting, the Minister, Ms. Anna Diamantopoulou, stated that “The Greece of excellence is in need of the best. We need a National Greek team for Research with a strong presence on an international level”, adding that “The Prime Minister has placed Research and Technology as the leading elements towards the change of the country’s development model, but also its important intervention on social cohesion issues. The new Research and Technology policy must be predominantly outward-oriented, to bring forces in Greece, but also to disseminate Greece’s forces around the world. In the field of Research, as a country, we have scientists and researchers around the world, who are part of the most distinguished. We selected the most important scientists, with international honors and worldwide acceptance, so as to support this national effort”.

It must be noted that within the forthcoming period, an amount of around 1 billion Euros, coming from EU funds, will be allocated and as the Minister stated, the funds are not to be “absorbed quickly, but appropriately”.

The president of the NCRT, St. Krimizis, stated, among other things that “Research and Technology form the basic web in today’s society. For example 2/3 of GDP growth per year, in almost all advanced countries comes from Research and Technology. Hence, it is the basic field, which must be developed in Greece” and added that “The way in which the government, the minister and the prime minister have spoken on meritocracy and transparency is impressive, because that is the only way Research and Technology advance in general. We must give a good example and opportunities to young people, young children, who should take part in the creation of the future, not only as mere spectators in progress being made in the rest of the world.”.

The following are participating – without financial compensation – in the council, as noted by the minister:

- Stamatis Krimizis – President: Honorary Director of the Space Department of the Applied Physics Laboratory at John Hopkins University in the U.S., Chief researcher in various NASA space missions (Voyager 1 and 2, Cassini – Huygens etc.), member of many American associations and repeatedly awarded for his work, member of the Academy of Athens since 2004 (he is the director of the Department of Space Science Research), while since 2006 he is a representative of Greece at the council of the European Space Agency (ESA).

- George Chrousos – Vice-President: Professor and Director of the First Pediatric Clinic of the University of Athens Medical School. He has been a professor at U.S. Georgetown University for a long time.

- Members: Constantinos Dafermos (professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics, Brown University U.S.), Ioannis Iliopoulos (honorary professor of Ecole Normale Superieure of Paris), Doros Theodorou (professor at the field of Science and Engineering of Materials of the NTUA School of Chemical Engineering), Amenteo Ontoni (Professor at the Department of Aeronautics, Austronautics of MIT University U.S.A.), Aristeides Patrinos (president of the American Biotechnology Company, Synthetic Genomics), George Pavlakis (director of the Human Retrovirus Department at the National Cancer Institute, U.S.A.), Artemis Simopoulou (founder and president of the non-profit National Centre for Genetics, Nutrition and Health, U.S.A.), Kevin Featherstone (professor at the London School of Economics and director of the Greek Observatory at LSE), Michalis Haliasos (Macroeconomics and Finance professor at Goethe University in Frankfurt).

Source: ANAMPA

Caption: The minister and alternate minister of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs, Anna Diamantopoulou (right) and Fofi Genimata (center), discussing with the president of the NCRT, Stamatis Krimizis

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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