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The President of PSEKA, Phillip Christopher, proposes a strengthening of relations with Israel

The strengthening of our relations with Israel can lead to the creation of appropriate ground to change the established U.S. policy with regards to the Cyprus issue, which was always more favorable towards Turkey, stated Phillip Christopher, President of the International Coordinating Committee “Justice for Cyprus” (PSEKA).

This could be achieved through a policy based on three axes, explained Mr. Christopher during the greetings he addressed at the opening ceremony of the 23rd Conference of the Executive Council of the organizations of Overseas Cypriots.

Mr. Christopher emphasized that U.S. policy can be redefined if; firstly, a massive campaign for public relations is formed, which will restore the focus of attention on the invasion and ongoing occupation. Secondly, through a massive campaign in U.S. and European “think tanks” and “peer groups”, which are in search of alternative solutions for Turkey and thirdly, through closer relations with Israel, which, along with the Republic of Cyprus are the only non-Muslim countries in the region.

Furthermore, referring to the book recently published by the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Davutoglu, Mr. Christopher, during his speech, supported the argument that “Turkey is flirting with the East and hopes to create a new-Ottoman, fundamentalist regime”.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, Mr. Christopher said that “today, it has been made clear, more than ever, regardless of who the Turkish-Cypriot leader is, whether his name is Denktash, or Talat, or Eroglu, that the results of the negotiations are always disappointing”.

At the same time he said that President Christophias is the one who has shown the greatest courage, making compromises and breaking the myth of the so-called Greek intransigence.

“Turkey is the country that aspires to join the EU, which also refuses to recognize the Republic of Cyprus and it is Turkey that maintains 43.000 occupation troops in the island” he said.

Mr. Christopher noted that Turkey, a country of 70 million residents, with one of the largest armies in the world, which has been called as a trusted and indispensable ally to the United States, has shifted towards the East. “Turkey and Erdogan, not only refused American troops to pass through the country during the war in Iraq, but also signed a cooperation agreement with Iran for nuclear weapons and it is Turkey that incited the crisis with its fleet in Gaza”, underlined Mr. Christopher, stressing that Cypriot foreign policy should be directed towards an alliance with Israel.

Source: ANA-MPA

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