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Hilary Clinton’s message described as «unsatisfactory»

The President of the International Coordinating Committee “Justice for Cyprus” (PSEKA), Phillip Christopher described the message of the US Secretary of the State, Hilary Clinton as “unsatisfactory” at the Conference of Diaspora Cypriots which was launched last night in Nicosia.

Mr. Christopher mentioned that the disappointing aspect is the fact that Mrs. Clinton urges both sides to make concessions and speaks of tough decisions necessary for a solution to the Cyprus issue.

Nonetheless, Mr. Christopher stated that it is very important that the US Secretary of the State sent a message for the conference which will be presented on Thursday.

“This is proof to the power of the Greek lobby at the United States”, he added.

Mr. Christopher stated that constant and intensive efforts are being made towards changing the stance of the United States, which have been in favor of Turkey for years and expressed his belief that the efforts will eventually bring a change to the American stance.

Furthermore, Mr. Christopher characterized the presence of a nine-member delegation of the Jewish Lobby of the United States as a very important fact.

Source: ANA–MPA

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