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Close cooperation and coordination between the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) and the World Hellenic Inter – Parliamentary Association (WHIPA), in the promotion of issues concerning Greece and Greeks worldwide, is the general message that both organizations address.

This was emphasized during a meeting between the President of SAE, Stefanos Tamvakis with the WHIPA Board of Directors at its offices in Athens. In this context, the President of WHIPA, Australian MP, Mr. Giannis Pantazopoulos, confirmed the substantial and fruitful cooperation with Mr. Tamvakis, but also of SAE Coordinators with MPs of the Greek Diaspora in every Region. A collaboration that culminated with the participation of the representative of WHIPA, MP of Sweden, Nikos Papadopoulos at the proceedings of the Board of Directors of SAE, last December in Thessaloniki.

This collaboration could be further developed, as it was noted by both sides, in order to reinforce the image of our homeland abroad, especially during this critical period, but also for the promotion of issues of the Greek Diaspora, which could be supported by the respective parliaments and governments of the countries whereby MPs of Greek descent are elected.

On his part the President of SAE congratulated WHIPA on the initiatives it has developed for the support of Greece, such as the recent organization of a workshop at the European Parliament, entitled “The Greek Diaspora and how it can contribute to the economic recovery of Greece”. Mr. Tamvakis elaborated on the initiatives taken over by SAE with regards to the Solidarity Fund for the reduction of public debt in Greece, the promotion of Tourism, but also the promotion of cooperation of the Greek Diaspora with Greece in matters of business and investments.

Lastly, he developed his thoughts and views on the strengthening of the role of the Greek Diaspora and the common course of SAE and WHIPA, as well as the organized bodies of Hellenism Worldwide.

During the meeting by the Board of Directors of WHIPA, besides Mr. Pantazopoulos, its Vice President, MEP for the German Liberal party and President of the German Greek Business Association (DHW), Mr. Giorgos Chatzimarkakis, the MP from Sweden, Mr. Nikos Papadopoulos, the Ukraine MP, Ms. Olga Kovitidi, Congressmen from the U.S.A. Mr. Michalis Tsiokas and Thomas Tsiantonis and the MP from Canada, Mr. Giannis Kannis, were also present.

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