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The anniversary of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus brings back painful memories for Hellenism worldwide.

Thirty-six years later, us Greeks from all over the world, don’t forget that the gate was open after the treacherous coup of the junta in Athens and EOKA B’ military coup in Cyprus on the 15th of July 1974, against the legal President of the Republic of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III. We don’t forget the suffering and casualties it brought to this chosen part of Hellenism.

In one voice, we address once again, a message to the international community that we will not tolerate a divided Nicosia, the encroachment upon this land and the continuation of the occupation of about 40% of the land of a member state of the European family. At the same time, we would like to remind that a nation suffered all the ordeals of a tragedy, which brought destruction, led thousands of people to immigration, that our people are still living enclaved, even today, but also mothers, women and children who await a confirmation on the status of their own missing persons.

This is the cry of our agony for the promotion of a desired, sustainable resolution of the Cypriot issue, where there is no room for another postponement. We will not tire of repeating this and we will not cease to fight, until a satisfactory conclusion on this national issue, which concerns all the legal residents of Cyprus, is implemented.

The World Council of Hellenes Abroad, in close cooperation with the International Coordinating Committee “Justice for Cyprus” (PSEKA) and the World Federation of Overseas Cypriots (POMAK), has consistently expressed its commitment to the people of Cyprus, supporting the governments of Cyprus and Greece in this difficult course.

Faithful to our principles, we have a solemn obligation to continue this struggle united and intensify our efforts towards all directions, in order to achieve our vision for a liberated and united Cyprus, on the basis of relevant resolutions of the Security Council and the principles and values of the EU and International Law.

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