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The solidarity of Pontian Hellenism is a prerequisite for the emergence of the Pontian issue to the fore. This is the message of the election of Ivan Savvid as President of the International Confederation of Pontian Greeks.

The election took place during an extraordinary assembly of the Board of Directors of the International Confederation of Pontian Greeks which was held in Athens on the 3rd of July and during which, Mr. Savvidi received the majority of votes (19), against 17 votes of the other candidate, Mr. Giorgos Parharidis, President of the Pan-Pontian Federation of Greece.

Mr. Parharidis, straight after the election proceeded to congratulate Mr. Savvidi and made a commitment to stand by his side on his efforts as President of the World Body of Pontian Hellenism for the achievement of common goals and solution of common problems.

With regards to the election of the Deputy Chairman, Mr. Ivan Savvidi called the members of the Board of Directors to support unanimously the election of the President of the Pan-Pontian Federation of Greece, Mr. Parharidis. Mr. Christos Antoniadis was elected as Alternate President with 27 votes against 6.

The programmatic speech of Mr. Ivan Savvidi, which he made before the members of the Board of Directors, the following day, Sunday the 4th of July, was also a call for solidarity.

The recognition of the Genocide of Pontian Hellenism from the International Community, the promotion of history and culture of Pontian Hellenism, the resolution of issues concerning Greeks from the countries of the former USSR, as well as a new strategy for unity through an empowered organizational structured, using the Youth of the Pontian Movement as its leading edge, are a few of the issues he addressed during his programmatic speech.

“We owe it to our ancestors and it is a duty towards the New Generation to succeed. And this we can only achieve all together. Nobody is to be left out in this struggle.” He pointed out.

The meeting of the Board of Directors of the International Confederation of Pontian Greeks was concluded later on the afternoon, whilst within the following month, the discussion of the members for the venue of the 7th World Conference, in exactly 13 months from today, is expected to take place.

On the sidelines of the Conference, right before his departure for Alexandria, the President of SAE, Mr. Stefanos Tamvakis had a meeting with Mr. Savvidi. During the meeting, a discussion was held on the current issues of the Region of the Countries of the Former USSR and views were exchanged on future actions. Mr. Tamvakis congratulated Mr. Savvidi and they renewed their appointment for the 15th of August during the Celebration at Panagia Sumela in Pontus.

Concluding his series of contacts in Athens, the President of SAE, also participated on Friday at the meeting of the Crisis Management Committee of the GNTO, chaired by Mr. George Kanelopoulos, whereby he presented the initiatives and actions which have been taken by SAE, Diaspora Media and organizations of the Greek Diaspora for the support of Tourism in Greece. During the meeting, the following steps for coordinated action, between the GNTO, SAE and the Greek Diaspora were discussed.

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