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Mini Youth Conference in Canada

It is our pleasure to announce that on Saturday, June 19, 2010, time: 11.00 am and at the University of Toronto, (Hart House, Room: South Dining Hall), SAE Canada Youth Network in collaboration with the Greek Students’ Association of the U of T are co-hosting a Mini Youth Conference (Syndiaskepsi Neolaias), where youth organizations of Ontario and Montreal will be informed about SAE, NEPOMAK, and the New Generation Department of the Greek Community of Toronto on what these organizations do and how they can coordinate and support each other’s initiatives.

The Greek Students’ Association (GSA) is a student run group at the University of Toronto (St. George Campus) with mission to bring students of Hellenic descent together as often as possible to celebrate their heritage and share in the experience of university life. The GSA acts as a social network by taking part and organizing many events throughout the school year.

SAE Canada Youth Network’s main goal is to promote Hellenism by bringing together Canadians of Hellenic descent and strengthening the link between the next generation of Greek-Canadians and Greece while preserving and promoting Greek language and culture in coordination with local Greek-Canadian youth organizations.

This Conference’s objective is to coordinate substantiated positions of Youth Diaspora organizations operating in Canada, whose work represent the best guarantee for the future of the Greek Diaspora. The aim of the Conference is also, to invite and reunite young people of Hellenic descent in order to meet and discuss issues of interest to them, as well as to discuss issues relating to the promotion of Greek Culture abroad, the teaching of the Greek language and the advancement of Hellenic national causes around the world.

During the conference youths will have the unique opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences as well as to initiate common, collective action.

The organizations that have also been invited to attend the Mini Youth Conference are the Greek Students’ Associations of York U, Ryerson U, UTSC, McMaster and Concordia U; NEPOMAK; the new generation departments of the Greek Communities of Toronto and Montreal; the youth departments of Pan-Messinian Federation, Pan-Arcadian Federation, Pan-Cretian Federation, Pan-Pontian Federation; Paradosis Dance Group; Hellenic Football Club; and the youth departments of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada) and the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

The detailed program of this event is available at www.saecanada.net and www.utgsa.wordpress.com.

Source: SAE Canada Press Office

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