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Australian Conference of Overseas Cypriots

On the weekend of the 29th and 30th of May 2010, the Conference of PanAustralian Justice for Cyprus Committee (PASEKA) will be taking place, as well as the 28th Conference of the Federation of Cypriot Communities and Organizations in Australian and New Zealand in Adelaide.

The two-day conference will take place in the presence of the High Commissioner of Cyprus in Canberra, Mr. Giannis Iakovou.

The opening of the PASEKA proceedings will be announced by its President, Mr. Konstantinos Prokopiou, whilst the Federation of Communities Conference will be opened by its President, Michalis Christodoulou.

According to the agenda, the attendants of the conference will make reports on the activities in the Organizations they represent and will discussed issues of common interest, such as the future of the Greek language in the state.

On a political level, representatives of the Parliament have also been invited, who will be informed on the latest developments regarding the Cypriot issue.

Furthermore, on Saturday, the Conference of the Cypriot Youth (NEPOMAK) will also be held in Adelaide.

Source: ANA-MPA
Source (Image): Wikipedia

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