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Honor in the Sacrifice of Pontic Greeks
91η an anniversary for the remembrance of the Genoocide

Message of SAE USA Region Coordinator, Mr. T. G. Spyropoulos

The 19th of May is a day of national remembrance for the Genocide of Hellenism and the unforgettable homelands of Pontus. It is a day for honoring those who were lost during the evacuation of the Pontian people from their ancestral homes, turning them into people of the Diaspora. However, this day is mainly a day of reflection and serving as a reminder of responsibility for the restoration of truth and the recognition of the Genocide of Pontian Greeks internationally.

The Greeks of Pontus were an inexhaustible source of creation of culture and spirit; their story travels timelessly throughout the course of the Greek nation, forming a piece of our national conscience and identity.

16 years have already passed since the Hellenic Parliament, 70 years later, decided unanimously on February 24th 1994 to recognize the 19th of May as a day of remembrance for the Genocide of the Greeks of Pontus. Honoring the memory of the Genocide is not enough and appeasing our conscience with prayers and intentions in each anniversary. Concrete and coordinated action is required from all our forces.

SAE Region USA will support every effort of the Pan-Pontian Federation of the USA and Canada, encouraging all Greeks to participate in the Memorial Events for the Anniversary of the Genocide of Pontian Greeks but also to cooperate for the fulfillment of our heavy historical debt.

The recognition of the Genocide of the Greeks of Pontus and other Minor Asia Greeks and Armenians is a historical, social and political issue of great importance for Greece and the International Community. Let us not allow this Genocide to remain a dark page in the history of humanity, depriving the moral justification of the sacrifice of the 353.000 souls which were unjustly lost.

We must realize that we all belong to the same Greek family and whatever affects a part of it, affects the whole subsequently. If parts of our history start to fade in our consciences, we will become more vulnerable as a nation.

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