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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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Presentation of “Mikis Theodorakis: The Soul of Greece” at Shanghai export launch

The launch of the world exhibition “EXPO 2010” will be taking place in Shanghai on Saturday, the Greek Pavilion will be hosting a presentation of the Chinese edition of the book “Mikis Theodorakis: The soul of Greece”.

The author, journalist Giorgos Logothetis, explores the timelessness and universality of the works of Mikis Theodorakis, his visions, in a lifetime course of 35 years, i.e. ever since he met Mikis Theodorakis, the years of dictatorship in Sweden, where G. Logothetis was at the time for his studies. He recorded his experiences from his own journeys with Mikis Theodorakis abroad, during the junta, enriched the material with unpublished photographs and posters of that time and later on continued his research on Mikis Theodorakis, within Greece, during the political transition era.

The book entitled “Mikis Theodorakis: Greece is My religion” has been released by Angyra publishing house in 2004 and was recently translated in Chinese from Hellenist Shiu Kai, and was published by Baijan Publishing house in Shanghai.

Source: ANAMPA
Caption: M. Theodorakis with G. Logothetis

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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

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