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Save the Greek language awareness campaign

Dear Compatriots, Fellow Hellenes

SAE Oceania & Far East has undertaken the task of coordination of a national campaign to inform and sensitise all the Greek-Australian organisations and anyone else interested in the Greek Language, for a vital issue of major importance for the Greek community.

The Australian Government allowed a period of public consultations in regard to a National Schools Curriculum. Up to now, as you know, each State had its own school curriculum.

After the allowed period – during which all interested institutions and citizens are called to submit their proposals – the States will acquire the National Schools Curriculum and consequently a common system of examination for admission in the universities.

Part of the National Schools Curriculum will also be the teaching of languages – except English. Up to now, it appears that eight languages are to be included in the Curriculum, among them: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and it remains to see which the 8th language will be. It appears that on the negotiating table are laid: Greek, Arabic, Korean and Vietnamese. Consequently Greek is in danger to be excluded.

It is a critical issue of outmost importance that our language be included in the eight official languages of the National Schools Curriculum

  • Greek is the language of one of the most active social infrastructures in multinational Australia.
  • It is the language taught to thousands of children in the country, in the all educational levels.
  • It is the language that promotes social cohesion and safety of Australia.
  • It is the spoken language of hundreds of thousands of citizens with their own daily press, radio programs and television stations.
  • It is a language of economic interest due to the large economic exchanges with Greece and particularly via the dominant Greek shipping industry.
  • It is the language that has contributed determinately in the configuration of postwar Australian culture.
  • It is live language with direct communication clarity and usage.
  • It is the language of fundamental values of European culture.

We ask therefore for your personal support, and the support of your association for an issue of such significance.

You are kindly requested to address to your local Member of Parliament regardless of Party, to ensure their support in a question that concerns the future of this country.

SAE Oceania promotes and supports a coordinated systematic information campaign to all relevant parties and requires your support.

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