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Northern Territory government supports SAE activities

Northern Territory Chief Minister, Paul Henderson, expressed the full support of the government towards the decision of SAE Region Oceania to organize the 2011 Panhellenic Cultural and Sports Games in Darwin.

Mr. Henderson had a meeting in Darwin with SAE Coordinator, Georgios Aggelopoulos and members of the Executive Committee of the institution whereby the organisation of Panhellenic games was discussed. Mr. Kostas Vatskalis, a minister of Greek origins, also joined the discussions.

“It is a great honour for our city to host the Games and a great honour for me to have them under my auspices”, stated the Chief Minister whilst emphasizing that he is “wholeheartedly” backing the campaign for the integration of the Greek Language in public schools and expressed his support in Greece’s national issues (regarding Cyprus and Macedonia).

SAE decided to nominate Alexandra Vatsakidou from Adelaide, for the title of “Greek woman of the Diaspora”, for the relevant distinction offered by the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.

Lastly SAE members, expressed their support towards the “Solidarity Fund” aiming towards raising funds for the reduction of public debt.

Source: ANA-MPA

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