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Meeting between Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Mr. Petsalnikos with representatives of Greek Communities in South Africa

The Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Mr. Philipos Petsalnikos had a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Federation of Greek Communities and Bodies of S. Africa and SAE Africa.

During their meeting, the issue regarding the readiness of the Diaspora for the mobilization and provision of financial support towards Greece was discussed.

In this context, the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, informed the attendants for his initiative to create a special account in the Bank of Greece for those who wish to contribute voluntarily towards the efforts which are being made for the reduction of our public debt.

Mr. Petsalnikos also raided the issue of the upcoming development initiatives of the government, in order to attract investments and the need of the Hellenes abroad, to make investments at their birthplace, through the simplification of procedures and amelioration of the beaureaucratic regime.

During the discussion, more issues were raised requiring action, such as the education of the Hellenic Diaspora. The Speaker of the Parliament, expressed that particular attention must be paid to the education of Greek children living abroad, as well as the need to activate a Special Secretariat in cooperation with the Special Standing Committee for Greeks Abroad.

Source: Greek Parliament

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