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President of the Republic Leads Solidarity Fund Campaign

President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias accepted the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament Philipos Petsalnikos’ proposal to lead the campaign for the Solidarity Fund to support the Greek economy.

Upon welcoming the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Mr. Papoulias congratulated him on his idea and his initiative and emphasised that “we are all present” to support the efforts for the benefit of our birthplace.

Mr. Petsalnikos stated that his proposal was widely accepted, which is a fact that proves that Hellenism, both in Greece and abroad, is comprised of people with values who love their country and added that he was overwhelmed by the majority of positive responses he received for his initiative. “They wanted to help and they asked me how, this is why I thought it would be good to create this Special Fund, led by a widely accepted prominent personality, with exceptional credibility, above and beyond political parties. This is why I asked you, if you would accept to take the lead of this campaign for the support of Greece, during the hard times we are undergoing. And I would like to thank you for this.”

The President of the Hellenic Republic on his side, congratulated Mr. Petsalnikos, for his initiative and willingness to “support this country, during a very critical period for the Greek people” and expressed his contentment on the positive response of the nation. “We will make it” stated Mr. Petsalnikos, and Mr. Papoulias replied “I believe this, I am certain”.

After the end of their meeting, Mr. Philipos Petsalnikos stated that Mr Papoulias’ willingness to embrace the campaign is further evidence to the fact that this venture is going to be crowned with success.

Contribution to the Solidarity Fund will be voluntary, said Mr. Petsalnikos. He, in fact, stressed, will deposit his Easter and leave bonuses. The Solidarity Fund, according to information, is bound to be created soon in the Bank of Greece. Anyone who wishes support the fund can make their deposit, through all Greek Banks and banks outside Greece, through bank transfer which will not bear any transaction costs. The balance of the account will be available to all, whilst announcements will be made on regular periods.


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Hellenes Abroad / Greece

Voices & visions Melbourne, 09.02.2012