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Luncheon for the relief of Haiti quake victims overwhelming response by the greek community

By participating in the worldwide movement for the provision of aid to Haiti earthquake victims, the Hellenic community of Sydney overwhelmingly responded to the request for assistance, by generously contributing to an event that was specially organized for this purpose on Sunday, 21.2.2010, with the participation of the Hellenic Emergency Relief Fund Inc. Of the Cypriot Community of NSW and the manager of the restaurant of Cypriot Community of NSW, at the time, Mr. N. Dimakis.

Over 200 people, including Marrickville Mayor Mr. Sam Iskandar, gathered at the Restaurant of the Cypriot Community of NSW with the organizational assistance of SAE Oceania and enjoyed a Sunday luncheon, generously offering their donations for the relief of the earthquake victims in Haiti.

As it is known, the Caribbean country of Haiti was struck on January 12, 2010 by a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.3 on the Richter scale, razing the country’s capital Port-au-Prince and causing the death of over two-hundred thousand people, leaving many more homeless and causing enormous material damages.

In this “hell” on earth scenery, the drama of the people of Haiti continues and they are in great need of assistance. The Greek Community of Sidney did not remain indifferent to this tragedy.

The amount collected at the philanthropic luncheon, is estimated at about $12,000 and will soon be decided in a meeting amongst the organizers of the event, in which way they will transfer the money to cater for the needs of the earthquake victims.

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