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The upgrading of Education in Greek language and Networking of Hellenes Abroad in the priorities of the SAE Region Europe

The upgrading of Education and the need for a better coordinated networking of Greeks living in European countries were the main topics of discussion, in the meetings the Coordinator of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) Region Europe, George Amarantidis had during his three-day stay in Athens.

Mr. Amarantidis participated yesterday in the meeting of the Executive Secretariat of the European Network of Elected Greeks in Local Authorities Abroad, during which, critical issues were emphasised, such as the need to continue the two-way communication and immediately launch joint actions, mainly regarding the networking of the Greeks in issues related to Culture, Youth and Support of Greeks in the countries they reside.

Then, Mr. Amarantidis, along with Members of the European Network of Elected Greeks in Local Authorities Abroad, attended the assembly of the Special Permanent Committee of the Hellenic Diaspora of the Greek Parliament and later on attended their meeting with the President of the Hellenic Parliament, Philippos Petsalnikos.

Within the framework of these meetings, the Coordinator of SAE had the opportunity to inform the President of the Greek Parliament and the 1st Vice-President, Grigoris Niotis on future activities of SAE Region Europe, mainly concerning the modernization and amelioration of Education in the Greek Language abroad, the continuation of networking activities and motivation of Youth, through the SAE and the activation of Scientists and Entrepreneur Networks of the Region.

Today, Mr. Amarantidis in two separate meetings he had with the director of the Institute of Education Abroad and Intercultural Education, Ms Roxanni Eleftheriadou, and Special Secretary for Education Abroad and Intercultural Education, Ms. Thalia Dragona, he informed them in detail on all the problems which Greek parents, students and teachers of the SAE Europe Region are currently facing and the solutions they propose.

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