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Meeting of Greek Prime Minister and Member of the State Duma Ivan Savvidi in Moscow

Member of the State Duma and Coordinator of the Inter-Parliamentary Group for relations with The Parliament of Greek Republic, Ivan Savvidi had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Greece in Moscow on the 16th of February.

During the meeting, issues concerning the relations between the Government of Greece with the Greek Diaspora residing in countries of the Former USSR. More specifically, as it is mentioned on the website of SAE Former USSR Region (www.greeks-su.com), particular focus was placed on the issue of the rights of around 3.5 repatriated Greeks living in Greece and Cyprus who are being deprived of their citizenship.

Prime Minister George Papandreou, emphasized that during the past years Greece has hosted a great number of Russian citizens who are currently employed and contribute to the development of Greece and agreed on the need to introduce relevant changes to the Greek law.

On behalf of the leadership of SAE Former USSR Region, Mr. Savvidi handed to the Prime Minister a letter containing the proposals on the amendment of the law on citizenship, in light of the forthcoming discussions of the relevant bill.

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