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SAE Former USSR Countries

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Issues of SAE region of Former USSR countries in the Committee of Hellenism of the Diaspora of the Parliament

On February 3rd a common assembly will be held at the Hellenic Parliament, between the Coordinating Council of SAE Regions, SAE Region of former USSR countries and the Special Permanent Committee of the Greek Diaspora.

The region will be represented during the assembly, by the Coordinator and members of the Coordinating Council, Presidents of the Greek Federations of Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan as well as representatives of the Coordinating Committee of Youth.

During their stay in Athens, the members of the Hellenic Diaspora will have meetings in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education and Culture, the General Secretariat of Greeks Abroad and an assembly of the Coordinating Council of the Region will also be organized.

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SAE Former USSR Countries