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Memorial for the Greek victims of Gulag in Siberia

The Federation of Greek Communities of Russia is currently in the process of raising a monument in the memory of the Greeks who lost their lives at the Gulags of Siberia during the period of the great purge (1937-1938). The Federation of Greek Communities, with support of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, under the presidency of Ivan Savvidi, who is of Hellenic descent, succeeded in reserving a spot in the administrative centre of Magadan of the area Kolyma, a place where many Greek expatriates lost their lives, during the Stalin era.

As it is mentioned in the announcement issued by the Federation of Greek Communities, the NKVD (later on known as KGB) instruction for the Mass operation against Greeks of Stalin’s Directive 50125 Issued by Joseph Stalin on Dec. of 1937 and signed by the minister of defence Dmitry Yazov, resulted in the loss of 38.000 soviet citizens of Hellenic descent at the “black hole” of the Gulags. The operation began on the night of December 15th 1937 in all former USSR. Over 20.000 people were executed and more than half of the rest were sent to the camps of Kolyma, whereby very few managed to survive.

“After seven decades the children and the grandchildren of those Greeks of the Diaspora, who unjustly lost their lives, have just now started to learn the way and the cause of their deaths, thanks to the plan of the Federation of Greek Communities in Russia entitled “Hellenic Martyrology”, which investigates the Stalin era pressures against Greeks”, as noted in their official announcement.

The decision for the creation of the monument was taken within the framework of the plan “Hellenic Martyrology”, which includes the long-term research work carried out by the writer and researcher Ivan Juha.

The cost of the monument is nearly 70.000 Euros. Already 15.500 Euros have been raised towards this purpose. The Federation of Greek Communities in Russia has designated a Bank Account for raising funds for the creation of the monument and is calling all Greeks world-wide to contribute to this cause, in the memory of the unjustly lost victims.

The names of the donors will be posted on the official website:


Source: ANAMPA

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