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Working meeting of the MP Ivan Savvidis in Cyp

The strengthening of relations between Cyprus and Russia and issues that concern the Russian speaking residents of Cyprus were the main issues which were discussed in the meetings that, the Deputy to the State Duma of the Russian Federation and Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Ivan Savvidis had with the President of the Parliament, Marios Karoyan and members of the Cypriot Government.

In the meeting he had with the President of the Republic of Cyprus, as it is mentioned in an announcement which was made by Mr. Savvidis’ office, emphasis was placed on the development of bilateral relations between the two countries which was further empowered by the agreement which was made in 2008.

In the meeting with Mr. Karoyan, with the presence of the President of the Committee of International Relations of the Cypriot Parliament, Mr. Averof Neofytou, Mr. Savvidis was informed on the developments of the Cypriot issue, whilst in his discussions with the Minister of Labour and Social Security Sotiroula Charalambous, they dealt with the issue of Social Protection and political rights of the Russian speaking residents of Cyprus and the need to integrate them in the Cypriot Community.

In the discussions he had with the Minister of Education, Andreas Dimitriou, Mr. Savvidis emphasised on the importance of teaching Russian to Russian speaking citizens of Cyprus, as well as the need to study Greek Civilisation and Language from Greeks who reside in countries of the former USSR.

Furthermore discussions were made on the possibility of Russian becoming part of the list of foreign languages which are taught in the schools of Cyprus, the need to organize summer educational hospitality programmes for Greeks who reside in the former USSR Countries, etc.

Mr. Savvidis also had a meeting with the Archbishop of Cyprus, Chrysostomos, with whom they agreed to join efforts towards the development of their cooperation to preserve common spiritual traditions through the organisation of orthodox educational programmes, pilgrimages in holy sites of Cyprus, etc.

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