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Conclusion of the 6th Meeting of SAE Board of Directors

The conclusion of the proceedings of the SAE board was held in a collective meeting of the President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis and Members of the SAE Board of Directors with Youths who participated in the 1st Meeting of the Coordinating Councils of Youth Networks of SAE Regions.

The youths of the Greek Diaspora presented their conclusions on the three day activities, which were subsequently discussed in workshops divided in thematic areas.

The President of SAE, Stefanos P. Tamvakis, on behalf of all Members of the SAE Board, as well as Coordinators Mr. Theodoros Spiropoulos, Mr. Kostas Menegakis and Mr. Harry Goubelis, who were also present, congratulated the youths of SAE for their excellent work, their active participation and their promising plans, by assuring them that SAE will be backing all their efforts towards the realization of their goals.

“We turned our promises into actions, so that we could set the base for the organisation of our Youth. The first step was made here. From now onwards you have great goals to accomplish and with pleasure I can see that you are already justifying our expectations. Your task is to magnify the Network, given our immense support” emphasized among others, the President of SAE Mr. Tamvakis.

Mr. Tamvakis also mentioned the unfair loss of Alexis Grigoropoulos, which took place exactly one year ago and he encouraged the Youths of the Greek Diaspora to send a peaceful message against violence and exclusion and join their voices with all citizens of Greece.

The organizers of the conference also had a pleasant surprise for all attendants, their webpage which was uploaded in multi-lingual form (www.unitethemarbles.org) in order to collect signatures from all over the world, for the repatriation of the Parthenon Marbles. The first signatures will be electronically submitted tomorrow at 12:00 from the Museum of the Acropolis, whereby the Youths and the Board will be guided by the Head of the Museum, Professor Dimitris Pantermalis.

The conclusions of the first meeting of the Youth of SAE will be uploaded in the following days in the webpage they created (www.nesae.gr).

Proceedings of the SAE Board

In the framework of the 6th Meeting of the SAE Board, from the 4th until the 6th of Decembers, the SAE Board of Directors dealt with issues of activity programming, whilst presentations were made of the programme “Arc of the Diaspora” which is currently advancing in a satisfactory manner and also the business – technological plan of the Post Bank.

In the meetings with Ministers of the Government and the Permanent Committee of Hellenism of the Diaspora of the Greek Parliament, reference was made to the annual report of SAE, which will be discussed on Thursday in Plenary of the Parliament, in the strategic goals which are set, with emphasis in the development of the networking of Greeks Worldwide as well as the Diaspora Vote.

Meeting with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Spiros Kouvelis

On their first meeting with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Spiros Kouvelis, on December 5th, the President of SAE and Members of the Board provided a complete briefing on their activities up to now and information regarding their future plans. Mr. Kouvelis characterized SAE as one of the basic pillars, by emphasizing that specific actions must be planned.

After an analytical briefing which was held by the President of SAE Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis and Members of the SAE Board, Mr. Kouvelis emphasized on the importance of “knowing how we can make use of SAE, which is an established institution according to our national law, in order to become a tool for the realization of our political activities with regards to the Greek Diaspora.”

In the meeting, discussions were also made on the subject of the Diaspora Vote. The government, as stated by Mr. Koubelis will examine carefully the issue and during the open consensus which will follow, the presence of SAE is imperative. “What is really needed here is an open and honest dialogue so that we can have a solution for this issue once and for all, which will make the Greek Diaspora feel more secure and feel that they are actually being represented”.

Meeting with the Board of Directors of the Permanent Committee of the Diaspora of the Greek Parliament

The annual report of SAE which will be discussed on Thursday in plenum of the Greek Parliament, was a dominant issue in the discussion between the SAE Board and President of the Permanent Committee on the Diaspora of the Greek Parliament, Ms. Elpida Tsouri and the Members of the Board of the Committee, Mr Spiros Taliandouros, 1st Vice President and Ms. Vera Nikolaides, on behalf of the Communist Party. In the meeting, the 1st Vice President of the Greek Parliament Mr. Grigoris Niotis was also present.

As it was emphasized by Ms. Tsouri the most important task is to classify priorities and goals, as the developments and issues that come up are many and of great importance and they vary in every country and region. She also noted that the discussion of the Annual Report of SAE in the Greek Parliament will make feasible a more strategic planning and course with carefully planned steps and time schedules.

Preceding the discussion in plenum of the Parliament the “Annual Report 2008” of SAE will be presented on the 8th of December in a collective meeting of the SAE Board of Directors which will be led by the president Mr. Tamvakis, with the Committees of Finances and Social Affairs and the Special Permanent Committee for Greeks of the Diaspora. On Wednesday, the 9th of December, the report will be discussed in a collective meeting with the Committees of Educational Affairs, National Defence and Foreign Affairs.

Meeting of the SAE Board with the Deputy Minister of Finances, Competitiveness and Shipping, Mr. Markos Bolaris

The need to develop a collaboration with Greeks abroad, not only on an institutional but also on a financial level was emphasized by the Deputy Minister of Financial Affairs, Competitiveness and Shipping, Mr. Markos Bolaris in the meeting with the SAE board of Directors.

“Education- Culture – Entrepreneurism is a three-fold course that we can all follow in common” emphasized Mr. Bolaris by also stating that coordination is needed in order to establish financial relations through SAE, in order to achieve the collaboration of Greek Businesses Worldwide, based on transparency.

Mr. Bolaris also suggested to assemble a special meeting of the Board of Directors of SAE, whereby relevant institutions and parties will be taking part and also the organisation of a conference of entrepreneurs, from Greece and Abroad.

Later on, the SAE Board held a discussion with the President of the Union of Exporters of North Greece (SEVE) Mr. Vassilis Thomaidis. SEVE’s proposal on the development of a network of entrepreneurial collaboration for Greeks worldwide in cooperation with SAE was discussed.

Meeting with WHIPA

Within the framework of the 6th Conference of SAE the Board of Directors had a meeting with a representative of WHIPA, Member of the Swedish Parliament, Mr. Nikos Papadopoulos”.

In the meeting both parties expressed their will to intensify their collaboration in a coordinated effort to promote our national matters. Towards that cause, Mr. Papadopoulos also proposed a collective meeting of both organisations’ Boards.

Collaboration of SAE with Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Theodora Tzakri

The issue of the “Vote of the Diaspora” as well as problems regarding the acquisition of Greek Citizenship, were dominant issues in the meeting which was held on the 4th of December between the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Decentralisation and E-Governance, Ms. Theodora Tzakri and the SAE Board of Directors.

On the critical issue of the Diaspora Vote Ms. Tzakri emphasised on the Greek Government’s determined stance. As she said at this point our country is currently processing the new electoral system which will be applied and in the discussions that will follow, the stance of SAE will be taken into account, by also mentioning that the proposal which was submitted by SAE has been fully endorsed by PA.SO.K.

Furthermore she stated that the stance of PA.SO.K. with regards to the Diaspora vote is not going to change and that they are backing all actions in order to ensure that the voting procedures will be carried out in a fair and representative manner, in a sense that the Greek Diaspora must be represented by Greek Diaspora Members of the Parliament.

With regards to the serious issues which are related to the acquisition of Greek Citizenship, especially in the region of former USSR Countries, Ms Tzakri assured that currently actions are being taken in order to resolve this matter from the Ministry, whereby discussions are already being held in order to speed up the activities and aid Hellenes of the Diaspora who wish to acquire Greek Citizenship.

Initiative on HelleniCare Medical Centres

The SAE board also collaborated with the Honorary SAE President, Mr. Andrew Athens on the issue of HelleniCare Medical Centres. The SAE Board of directors decided to test all possibilities of SAE taking part in the management of those Medical Centres. Both sides, SAE and HelleniCare, instructed their legal advisors to carefully review all parameters in order to reach a final agreement which will be submitted to the Board of SAE.

In the meantime, SAE President, Mr. Stefanos Tamvakis and Mr. Andrew Athens took the initiative to coordinate their actions in order to ensure that the Medical Centres are being funded on a regular basis so that they can operate without interruptions.

For analytical news reports and photographic material from the 6th Meeting of the SAE Board of Directors and the 1st Meeting of the Coordinating Councils of Youth Networks of SAE Regions, visit: www.sae.gr.

From December 4th, the website of SAE will also be available in Russian.

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