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Official Opening of the 1st meeting of the Coordinating Councils of SAE Regions’ Youth Networks

The realization of the actions of the Youth of the Diaspora in every corner of this world is finally taking form in the most promising conditions, through Youth Networks of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE), as it was stated last night by all speakers who took part in the Official Opening Ceremony of the Proceedings of the 1st Meeting of the Coordinating Councils of SAE Regions’ Youth Networks in Thessaloniki.

The opening was announced by the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Vassilis Papageorgopoulos, in the presence of MPs and representatives of the Prefect of the Saloniki, representatives of the Media, delegates of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad (GSGA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a representative of the Metropolis of Neapoli and Stavrouipoli, etc.

The aim of the event, as it was stressed by the Coordinator of the Youth Network of the Region of Canada, Mr. Tasos Mastorakos, is to “find the coordinates, which will allow us to form a common course”, whist he thanked, on behalf of all the attendants and the President and Board of Directors of SAE, who turned their commitments into action, thereby setting the foundations for the organisation of SAE Youth.

“…our Youth constitutes the “Present” and not only the “Future” of the Diaspora worldwide, in accordance with the central motto of this meeting “The Future is Here”. It is our duty and our will to give you the necessary tools and support, which will contribute actively to the continuation of Hellenism worldwide.” St?id=18194 the President of SAE Mr. Stefanos P. Tambakis and congratulated the Youth of SAE for their newly launched website (, which was launched on the occasion of their 1st Meeting.

The speech of the Honorary SAE President Mr. Andrew Athens was very intense, as he came to Thessaloniki especially to attend the meeting of SAE Youth. In his speech he advised them that worthwhile actions are the ones which promote the good of the Greek Diaspora, by reminding them that Alexander the Great was just 27 years old when he began his worldwide crusade.

The opening of the ceremony of the Meeting of the Coordinating Councils of SAE Regions’ Youth was also saluted through a message by the President of the Committee of Hellenism of the Diaspora of the Greek Parliament, Ms. Elpida Tsouri, by stating their commitment for the provision of unconditional support for the activities of SAE Youth.

“This meeting is proof of all the important actions which are taking place and are currently being developed by SAE. We know that these activities are difficult and challenging. All actions taken regarding the continuation of the lingual, cultural, educational and national bonds between the youths of the second, third and fourth generation and our Homeland, are of great importance and require everyone’s contribution” stressed Ms. Tsouri in her message, among others.

The message of the President of the Political party New Democracy, Mr. Antonis Samaras, was announced to the attendants by the MP Mr. Stavros Kalafatis, who among others, focused on the importance of the role of the Youth of the Greek Diaspora, which is complex, as it is their duty to not only keep the values of Hellenism but also to promote them and respond to the challenges of the contemporary developments.

The MP of the Political Party LAOS and Secretary of the Committee of the Hellenism of the Diaspora, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, expressed his optimism on the actions which are being taken by the Youth of the Diaspora, who also stated that “the forthcoming generation is the generation which will help Hellenism take off on a Worldwide basis”

“The activation of the Youth of the Diaspora is a great challenge of national importance which will bring Greek Communities to life and forms a bridge with the national centre” stated the Secretary of the youth of PA.SO.K, Mr. Kostas Pantazis by making a commitment that their organisation will provide aid in all their efforts and especially with regards to Educational and Cultural issues.

“Youth symbolizes the continuation and hope in all corners of the earth” stated the Mayor of Thessaloniki in his welcome speech by expressing his emotions and joy to the Youth who visited the Homeland of Alexander the Great, the city of Culture and Youth, as it was characterized by Mr. Papageorogopoulos.

The Mayor of Thessaloniki also made specific reference to the actions taken by Mr. Athens and Mr. Tamvakis, in promoting ideas of great importance, one of them being the “Arc of the Diaspora” which is being fully supported by the Municipality of Thessaloniki. He also congratulated the Youth of SAE Regions for their initiative to launch a coordinated campaign for the repatriation of the Parthenon Marbles.

A salutation for the event was also made by the MP of the Political Party ND, Mr. Theodoros Karaogloum Director of the Agency of Greeks Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus, Mr. Toumazis, the representative of the Metropolite of Neapolis and Stavroupolis, Mr. Varnavas. A message was also sent and addressed to the attendants by the President of the Network of the Greek Electives of Local Authorities, Mr. Georgios Kontorinis.

The event was coordinated and presented by the journalist of ERT World, Mrs. Eva Mpoura and Coordinator of the Youth Network of the Region of Canada, Mr. Tasos Mastorakos.

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