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Salutation of SAE President Stephanos P. Tamvakis on the opening ceremony of the 1st meeting of the Coordinating Councils and Committees of SAE Regions Youth Networks

With great pleasure, along with my colleagues, the Members of our Board of Directors, we welcome all the youths who came to Thessaloniki, Capital of Hellenism Worldwide, from all four corners of the earth.

Our promise to set the foundations for the formal organisation of our Youth was turned into actions. As I have previously stated, our Youth constitutes the “Present” and not only the “Future” of the Diaspora worldwide, in accordance with the central motto of this meeting “The Future is Here”.

My dear youths,

Your duty is to extend the Network, given our immense and unconditional support. We did not come to Thessaloniki to dictate what actions you should take; we came here to listen to your suggestions and ideas, to tell us what you expect us to do in order to support your mission regarding the great family of the Greek Diaspora Worldwide.

In the following days you will have the opportunity to discuss and agree upon the course you will follow. After the conclusion of the proceedings we will meet again to plan effectively our forthcoming actions and common steps we will follow.

It is our duty and our will to give you the necessary tools and support, which will contribute actively to the continuation of Hellenism worldwide.

At this point I would like to congratulate you on your new website ( which was launched a few days ago online. May this first and important step you took, become the springboard for your Networking activities worldwide and may it be more successful than our own central website (, which was launched a couple of years ago with an average of 500 visits per month and managed eventually to host 2500 visitors per day, up until today.

Our promising plan “The Ark of Hellenes Abroad” constitutes another important tool which almost complete. The “Ark of Hellenes Abroad” will be run from our Central Offices in Thessaloniki. Within the framework of the 6th Scheduled Meeting of our Board of Directors, we will have the opportunity to give you a first impression of this programme.

My dear friends,

We are here with you today and standing by your side, along with the SAE Board of Directors, our Honorary President, our dear Andrew Athens, who especially came from Chicago to honour you with his presence, the Orthodox Church through the presence of a representative from the Metropolis of Neapolis, the Greek State with dear representatives from the Greek Parliament, our dear friend and Mayor of Thessaloniki, representatives of the regional authorities, politicians of various youth organizations and many more supporters and friends of SAE and the Greek Diaspora.

Lastly, allow me to express my gratitude to the key organizers of this meeting, who, along with the Coordinators of SAE youth from all 7 SAE Regions, coordinated and invested all their efforts for the realization of this meeting: the Treasurer of SAE and dear friend, Kostas Dimitriou and Ms. Foteini Makri from our Central Offices, because without their help and contribution we would never have been able to be here today.

As Youths, you have the appropriate skills, imagination and dynamics to turn your expectations into actions. Our support in your course is given and I personally guarantee you that in the future I will be by your side and rest assured that our creative cooperation will prove to be fruitful.

Let us all proceed ahead, together. The future is Here and it awaits us.

I wish you the best in your activities.

Thank you.

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