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SAE Africa-Near/Middle East Region and OEKNA delegation visits Zimbabwe

A delegation of the SAE Africa-Near/Middle East Region made up of Regional Coordinator Charis Gouvelis and Coordinating Council member Vassilis Magdalinos and a delegation of the Federation of Greek Communities in South Africa (OEKNA) made up of its President Tassos Christoforou and 1st Vice-president Yiannis Philippou held meetings on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009 with representatives of the Greek community in Zimbabwe.

They visited the Greek Academy in Harare, the best private school in Zimbabwe, and toured the five new sections recently built and other three sections currently under construction.

The members of the delegations met in the Harare Greek Community Center with the president of the Federation of Greek Communities in Zimbabwe, Greek Community in Harare President Kostas Moutzouris and Republic of Cyprus Honorary Consul General in Harare Nestoras Nestoras and presented them with the sum of 20,000 euros collected by SAE and OEKNA to support Hellenism in Zimbabwe. The sum was collected by the Greek Parliament, which donated 6,000 euros via SAE, and through a fundraiser conducted by OEKNA in South Africa.

Later in the evening the SAE-OEKNA delegation met with Greek community representatives at the Greek Community Center in Harare and discussed problems that concern Hellenism and the role the organized institutions can play assisting in their solution. The delegation also attended a dinner with Greek Ambassador to Harare Michalis Koukakis and leading members of the Greek community.

Wrapping up the visit, SAE Africa-Near/Middle East Regional Coordinator Charis Gouvelis congratulated the organized community in Zimbabwe for its work despite the adverse conditions and offered the World Council of Hellenes Abroad active support. He underlined that only through close cooperation and continuous effort “we can hope to a more optimistic future.”

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