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Leadership of Overseas Cypriot Youth meets in Lefkosia

The Executive Council of NEPOMAK met in Lefkosia for its annual meeting this August. At the meeting members of the Executive Council discussed the improvement of existing NEPOMAK programmes, the establishment of new programmes and the latest developments on the Cyprus issue.

This year NEPOMAK’s flagship Discover Cyprus Programme was attended by an historic 50 participants from all over the world. The programme, to date, has brought over 250 young Cypriots closer to their homeland and many of these young Cypriots have now taken up leadership positions in NEPOMAK. The Executive Council of NEPOMAK discussed and decided upon improvements to next year’s programme to further enhance the experience for future participants.

NEPOMAK has continued to build on its core programmes to promote Cypriot history and culture amongst the diaspora. This year the Executive Council finalised the development of a new distance learning programme teaching Cypriot history and culture. This programme will be jointly organised with the Open University and will be sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It will be initially piloted with the diaspora in London.

During its meeting, NEPOMAK agreed on new ways to support the President of the Republic, working with POMAK and PSEKA, in the ongoing negotiations to find a just, viable and lasting solution to the Cyprus issue. The Executive Council also received updates on the current negotiations from the President, Foreign Minister, Government Spokesman and the Presidential Commissioner.

The Executive Council was also joined by representatives of SAE youth. Along with the representatives of SAE youth, the Executive Council discussed ways to strengthen further the already established cooperation between the two youth bodies. Through cooperation to date, NEPOMAK is now able to offer young Cypriots all over the world access to SAE’s free online Greek language learning website (www.greek-learning.gr).

Over the last year NEPOMAK has also been upgrading its own website (www.NEPOMAK.org). The Executive Council reviewed and approved the final designs at its meeting this year to allow the new website to be launched before December. The website will provide additional functionality to all members, allowing them to keep up-to-date with all NEPOMAK’s activities around the world, as well as the latest developments on the Cyprus issue.

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