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State deputies (epikratias) to increase to 15

Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos will propose that the number of state deputies (epikratias), who are elected without a cross of preference, be increased to 15 from 12 suggesting the inclusion of expatriate candidates in the top places of the ballot thus ensuring their election. The proposal will be made to persuade the opposition to vote in favor of the government-sponsored draft law on the voting rights of the Greeks abroad to be reintroduced in Parliament.

Pavlopoulos told the Athens daily “To Vima” that he will ask the political parties to consent to the increase of the number of the specific deputies from 12 to 15 with the three additional seats being reserved for expatriate representatives.

He also clarified that the main axes of the draft law tabled in Parliament before the Euro-elections will be maintained underlining that it adheres to article 51, paragraph 4 of the Constitution.

All Greek nationals, registered voters will have the right to vote. Voting will not take place at the same time in all the countries where Greeks cast their ballots but the results will be announced simultaneously. The Greek expatriates will vote for political parties and party alliances that will present state deputy ballots while each of these ballots will have to include at least three candidates who live abroad for a decade and have the right to be elected according to the existing legislation. The government once again rejects the proposals of the parties of the opposition for the establishment of postal vote or special electoral districts abroad. Pavlopoulos told “To Vima” that the postal vote in certain regions will not guarantee the secrecy and validity of the vote.

Source: To Vima

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