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The Program “Mothers of Worldwide Hellenism” starts its Implementation from the Countries of Former USSR

visit to the center of the black sea in thessaloniki
Dr. Olga Sarantopoulos, Secretary of World SAE, visited earlier this week the Center of the Black Sea in Thessaloniki. The SAE Secretary was accompanied by Mr. Anastasios Mastorakos, Coordinator of SAE Youth Canada, Dr. Ellada Mavromati, Director of the Federation of Greek Communities in Russia and Mrs. Diana Zourelidou, the two of them representing Mr. Ivan Savvidis, Coordinator of SAE for the Region of the Countries of the Black Sea.

The Members of SAE were received by the Chairman of the Center Dr. Adamidis, who also informed them of the actions and programs implemented by the Center of Black Sea.

Dr. Sarantopoulos had the opportunity to discuss extensively the matter concerning 106 schoolteachers of Greek descent, who have not been paid for almost two years, even though their contribution to the preservation and promotion of the Greek language and culture is of vital importance.

According to Dr. Mavromatis, the wage those people earn which comes to 100 euro per month is their only income and for that matter the only means to secure a descent way of living.

Dr. Sarantopoulos made a commitment to make the proper suggestion on behalf of the World Council of Greeks Abroad SAE, to the ministry of Education and the ministry of Foreign Affairs, as to ensure the payment of the wages.
The Secretary of World SAE, also informed on the program “Mothers of worldwide Hellenism”, which is being realized by SAE under the co-ordination of Dr. Sarantopoulos, and aims to provide assistance to women – mothers in need.

Dr. Sarantopoulos explained that the program will start its action in countries of the fifth region of SAE and concretely in the countries Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldavia, Belarus, Kyrgyzia and Uzbekistan.  Dr. Mavromatis will play a key role in the implementation of the program in those countries and along with Dr. Sarantopoulos will have the responsibility of co-ordination, with the noble support of Coordinator Ivan Savvidis.

From his part Anastasios Mastorakos, informed on the actions and initiatives that were undertaken by the SAE Youth of Canada under the aegis of Coordinator of the Region Mr. Costa Menegakis, while he informed also of the activity and objectives of the SAE Youth.

Mr. Mastorakos supported the possibility of cooperation between the SAE Region of Canada with the Center of Black Sea.
Mrs. Sarantopoulos and Mr. Mastorakos visited also the archives of the Center, accompanied by Mr. Adamidis, Mrs. Mawromati and Mrs. Zourelidou. The archives expose the works of great historical value dedicated to the history of Greeks of Pontus.

Dr.Sarantopoulos stressed once again the need to create a Museum of History of Pontian Hellenism, the inclusion of the history of Pontian and Minor Asia Greeks in the school books and the creation of an academic seat for the study of Pontian Hellenism.

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SAE Former USSR Countries