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Omogenia hosts farewell reception for Greek Ambassador Alexandros Mallias Chicago17.05.2009

Greece’s Ambassador to the United States Alexandros Mallias will be honored for his services in the second annual cultural event titled: “The Universal, humanistic and timeless values of the Greek Culture and Education” to be held on Capitol Hill on June 4 hosted by the Federation of Greek-American Educators under the auspices of SAE USA Region.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Greek-American community and many prominent Americans attended the farewell reception for Greece’s Ambassador Mallias held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington DC on Friday, May 15 co-hosted by SAE USA Region, AHEPA, American Hellenic Institute (AHI) and the Hellenic American National Council (HANC).

SAE USA Regional Coordinator Theo Spyropoulos in a statement he has issued praises the Greek Ambassador for his valuable services:

“The mission of modern diplomat is manifold and complex in the new globalized environment. Alongside the traditional diplomacy new aspects of international relations are being developed such as, cultural and economic diplomacy, that serve the promotion and attainment of the goals set by a country. At the same time, in countries with Diaspora, like the United States, Hellenism can very well be utilized as an aid to serve foreign policy aims.

Greece’s Ambassador to Washington Alexandros Mallias has a number of successful initiatives to display in the aforementioned areas. Having a profound knowledge of the Greek history going all the way back to antiquity, he always highlights the timelessness and timeliness of the ideas of Hellenism and their impact on humanity. Having a notable diplomatic career and experience, the Greek ambassador is an expert on political and economic issues in South-East Europe and the US-Balkan relations. Within this framework he has played a significant role in promoting Greece internationally as a stabilizing factor in the greater geographic region.

Traveling across the country, he promoted the Greek positions and ideas with lectures as well as through his participation in conferences held by US universities, colleges and think tanks. Promoting the anthropocentric values of Hellenism, equity and respect toward fellow human beings, he was distinguished for his work in the field of human and civil rights, mutual understanding and tolerance and in combating trafficking in humans. Articles he has signed have been published in major US newspapers. He developed and maintained excellent relations with senior members and officials of the US administration, mainly in the Congress and in both parties contributing to the strengthening of the ties between Greece and the United States. He hosted innovative cultural and charity events at the embassy held with the participation of other ethnic communities thus contributing to the strengthening of cooperation with other countries in the sectors of culture and education and to the mutual understanding of the peoples.

He forged and cultivated substantive relations with the organized Omogenia undertaking initiatives focusing on the coordination, unity and cooperation of its powers for the promotion of issues of Greek interest. He kept us updated on the course and progress of our national issues, actively participated in meetings of Greek-American organizations and contributed to every effort aimed at supporting and promoting Greek education and culture, mobilizing the youth on Greek issues and establishing relations between Greek and Greek-American businessmen. He and his associates were always accessible and eager to brief the Greek-American community and suggest more effective ways to promote Greek issues as US citizens. It is up to us whether we will build on the foundations he has laid to ensure the unity and cooperation of the Greek-American community on issues of our concern.

The contribution of his wife, Mrs. Francoise-Anne Mallias, to the promotion of Greek culture in the United States was notable. Mrs. Mallias, with the Greek soul, promoted the values of peace, humanity, equality and philanthropy in the contacts she had across America contributing to the Greek Embassy mission.

We say goodbye to Alexandros and Francoise-Anne Mallias with a big thank you as Omogenia and we are certain that they will continue to serve Greece and the Greek ideals in the future as well.”

Hellenic American National Council (HANC) and Pan Cretan Association of America President Emmanuel Velivasakis stated: “Alexandros Mallias was an excellent diplomat, accessible as a personality, who appreciated and utilized to the fullest the role of organized Omogenia. On its part, the Omogenia embraced him and cooperated with him because it realized his sincere intentions as regards the coordination of its powers. We thank him for all his efforts and wish him success in the new post he will assume.”

Pan-Macedonian Association, Inc. USA Supreme President Nina Gatzoulis stated: “We thank Mr. Ambassador for his active presence in the US capital, particularly as regards our national issues. He was a restless personality that sent out positive energy. We thank him for the perfect cooperation with the Pan-Macedonian Association.”

SAE USA – Omogenia hosts farewell reception for Greek Ambassador Alexandros Mallias

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