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My Dear Compatriots,

“The holiday among holidays and the celebration among celebrations,” the Resurrection is the most devout and essential Greek Orthodox holiday; its essence is forever weaved into Hellenism.

It is the symbol for the victory of life over death, the overcoming of the ephemeral and materialistic through the resurrection of the human condition: Psyche and Spirit, thus touching Redemption.

Resurrection is the victory of truth over the forged and the misleading, of good over evil. The power of love conquers fear and false perceptions. The only truth is love, bringing us to terms with ourselves and the people around us.

Spring and Resurrection are completely synonymous. Spring brings the resurrection of nature and love, that blossom and permeate the universe. We are the creation of this love and, by nature, its carriers.
May the “Resurrection’s Light that Never Darkens” uplift our Souls, Embrace us with Love and Reconciliation, and may it spring Hope amidst the tribulations of modern man.

With these thoughts I wish, Happy Easter to All Hellenes! Christ Is Risen!

Theodore G. Spyropoulos,
Coordinator SAE USA

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