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Emotional stories of Greek immigrants

SAE Central and South America Region collected many moving stories through the second literature competition titled “Tales of an immigrant”.

“The response we’ve had was unexpectedly big,” SAE Regional Coordinator Nikiforos Nikolaidis stated. “We have received creative stories by Greek expatriates from Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Peru and Chile that give us a lot of information about the immigrant families and the historical framework of Greece between late 19th century and the second half of the 20th century.

The top prize was awarded to Constantino Comnnino from Curitiba Parana, Brazil for his short story “Relatos de um descendiente de Gregos oriundos de terras longinquas”. Honorary distinctions were awarded to three short stories: “Τambien confieso que he vivido” by Demetrio Vavouli from Lima, Peru, “Um conto, dois contos” by Miguel Antonio Zarvos from Sao Paulo, Brazil and “Gianni mou” by Ernesto Enrique Villias from Cοrdoba, Argentina.

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