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The SAE Oceania Youth Network Council meeting in Melbourne

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the future direction of the network and establish clear objectives and a plan of action for some of the demanding issues that are being faced by the regional networks of SAE Youth.

The Coordinator of SAE Youth Network Council, Oceania & Far East Region, Elias Demourtzidis, had the objective of determining a series of steps for a better, collective and effective plan of action for the committee to implement in their regional networks over the next few months.

Items on the agenda included:

The election of the executive positions for the Council;

The discussion of issues that were raised at the World SAE Youth Networks Meeting in Thessaloniki;

The creation of a national database of contacts to receive information from the SAE Youth Networks on various Greek issues and activities that are being conducted by SAE Youth Networks;

The creation of a SAE Youth Network Council, Oceania & Far East Region website, which will be one of the primary sources of communication for the youth network;

Current projects underway in the States, Territories and New Zealand;

The promotion of SAE Youth generally in terms of activities, and the role it plays in the Greek-Australian and Greek-New Zealand communities;

The formation and election of sub-committee coordinators – an initiative of the World SAE Youth meeting. The purpose of these committees is to align the structure of the SAE Youth Network Council, Oceania & Far East Region with a framework that was decided upon at the World SAE Youth Network Meeting, so that all regions could coordinate effectively in the global sphere.

The Council decided upon forming the following committees:

IT & Technology – the purpose of this committee is to set up and maintain the SAE Youth Network Council, Oceania & Far East Region website and to also assist other sub- committees with online networks and IT support.

Communications – the role of this committee is to liaise with the press, and maintain communication flows between the various regions of the network.

Cultural – this committee will have responsibility for the promotion of ethnic issues, education and the study of the Greek language.

Social – the purpose of this committee is to promote SAE youth events, and form a national database of contacts.

Sports – this Council will be responsible for the promotion of sporting activities in the Greek- Australian/New Zealand communities.

Careers – this Council will establish a network of professionals who will be able to support and give advice to youth in the beginning stages of their career.

Congratulations to the following Council members that were elected to the Executive:

Deputy Coordinator – Anthony Zorbas (W.A)
Deputy Coordinator – Alexandra Livas (New Zealand)
Treasurer – Alex Belerhas (N.S.W)
Secretary – Callie Kalimniou (VIC)
The following Council members were elected as heads for the new committees:
IT & Technology – Anthony Zorbas
Assisted by Alex Belerhas

Communications – Rebecca Kougellis (A.C.T)

Cultural – Elinah Ioannides (VIC) and Makrina Tsinoglou (TAS)
Assisted by Alexandra Livas

Sports – Frank Conias (QLD)
Assisted by Elias Demourzidis, and Stergios Roumeliotis

Social – Stergios Roumeliotis (N.S.W)
Assisted by Michael Siriotis (N.T)

Careers – Callie Kalimniou
Assisted by Elias Demourzidis

It was a very productive meeting which established the framework for the youth network to operate effectively in collaboration with the global youth network. They are confident that they will be able to meet the challenges they face in these challenging times and will continue to pursue with the agenda of promoting Hellenism amongst young Australians and New Zealanders.

Press Releases / SAE Oceania – Regional Youth Network meeting in Melburn

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