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New York03.12.2008

Q: I guess it was a good surprise, your presentation, not only yours but all the team, and it’s only one month since you formed the network?

A: It has been a bit more than one month that we’ve been working on those initiatives. We were pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome that we have received from the members of SAE. We believed that this is probably the most far reaching and encompassing broad initiative that has been made in the past years, perhaps decades to approach Greek-American youth and to make it come back to its roots, to integrate them in the different communities and to bring them closer together with the Greek element and their home country.

Q: Just give me some details, how you came up with those six areas if I am not mistaken, right?

A: Correct. Our initiatives are structured under six different committees and the pre-convention meeting that was made in June we had suggested a few initiatives that were enriched in October with others from the additional members that came into play at that point and we decided to organize and structure those initiatives in order to achieve measurability of results and clear targets for our efforts under six committees, namely Culture, Communications, Career, Environmental, Finance, and Social.

Q: Now each committee has other people working behind, right?

A: Correct

Q: And up until now I think you have something like 80 people in total working on that?

A: Absolutely, we have 80 delegates. You saw presentations from the heads of committees here, but behind them there are 10 sometimes more than 20 delegates that are working on the different initiatives.

Q: And those delegates belong to various organizations, right?

A: They represent all the organizations that are included in SAE.

Q: What is the reaction of the people of their organization to what they are doing? Do they know? Are they optimists? Do they want to join somehow?

A: The feedback right now has been very positive and it is understandably so because what we are looking to do is not replace or supplant anything that is being done by the various Greek organizations here in the U.S. We are trying to expand what is being done and provide a platform for those organizations that are small or nascent to create, to expand, and to attract youths to their different initiatives. Through the channel of communication that we provide to the very broad scope of initiatives that we provide we hope that we will leverage the resources of the Greek-American communities throughout the country to approach youth and to bring them back to the various communities around the U.S.

Q: Because sometimes it is hard for the youth to come here, even in the SAE youth network meeting, it is easier sometimes for you guys to go to the organizations. Are you planning any meetings with these people vis-à-vis organizations of the youth, of the Archdiocese, of the Messinians, etc…?

A: Absolutely, we are looking forward to working with all the existing youth organizations and their representatives. Many of them actually are already part of the youth network, so their representatives are already working on our initiatives because they just happen at different levels, they are not competing with the other and we are looking forward to help and to be helped by all organizations across the U.S.

Q: And a final question, the adults, because you are young adults, the adults have their own differences sometimes they do not even know what the differences are but they just argue for the sake of argument. How are those arguments received by the youth?

A: We are brushing them off; we do not believe arguments have their place in an entity that is serving a community and an ethnicity. Whatever arguments there are they should be on how to produce the best results, rather than other topics that sometime come from the outside. We have established an organization that is based on unity, on collaboration, on mutual respect. We have yielded tremendous results so far, and we are looking to progress in that matter.

Source: Greek News

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