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SAE Europe Regional Youth Network Convention was completed

The SAE Europe Region Youth Network Convention held in Frankfurt on November 14-16, 2008 was completed with great success.

The main message of the Convention “Young Generation – The power of Hellenism” was reaffirmed with the presence of 150 active young delegates worthy representatives of expatriate organizations in Europe.

The young men and women participating were fully updated and well-prepared for the Convention, expressed great interest in SAE’s work and the vision it represents, discussed in detail the issues that concern them, focused on problems faced by the Greeks in their countries of residence and made suggestions on actions that can be taken aimed at strengthening and supporting their fellow Greeks.

The activation of youth and their greater participation in community affairs was a special issue under discussion. The delegates agreed that they should consider incentives and ways to make their age-mates more involved in the Greek communities and organizations.
The young Greeks in Europe suggested, among others, the hosting of PanEuropean Cultural Festivals and the adoption of Hospitality Programmes while they also underlined the need to be informed on issues concerning education, employment, and the networking of businessmen and scientists in Europe.

Within the framework of the Convention they were briefed on the new communication portal, www.HellenicSpace.com designed to contribute to the networking, information and cooperation of World Hellenism. The young men and women welcomed the SAE Europe Region initiative that materializes their demand for direct and continuous communication with the Greeks worldwide.

The presentations made by journalist Dimitris Parousis known from the “go Dimitris” project, Stilianos Ginis from the Youth Institute and the Coordinating Council Youth Committee representative generated many questions and positions offering the young delegates the information and knowledge they need to create their own present and future within the framework of SAE and the Greek community organizations.

On the second day of the proceedings, the Youth Convention approved the Network’s Code of Operation and on Sunday, November 16 elected the 9-member Coordinating Committee called to materialize the proposals of the young Greeks in Europe in cooperation with the Coordinating Council.

The Youth Network Coordinating Committee is made up of:

Kostas Simeonidis (Germany) Youth Network Coordinator
Sevasti Simeonidou (Germany)
Annaliza Korinthiou (Italy)
Paraskevi Dimitriou (Belgium)
Athanasios Bountos (Germany)
Alexis Moschopanis (Sweden)
Ioannis Lolis (Albania)
Ioannis Neofitou (Great Britain)
Christos Pavlidis (France)

The Convention addressed SAE Europe Regional Coordinator Giorgos Amarantidis, General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad representative Sophia Iraklidou, who conveyed a message by Deputy Foreign Minister Theodoros Kassimis, Parliamentary Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad 1st Vice-President Grigoris Niotis, Evros Prefecture MP Stavros Keletsis (ND), Athens MP Lila Kafantari (KKE), PASOK representative Kostas Tatsis, SYRIZA representative Vasilis Primikiris and Ecumenical Patriarchate representative Angelos Anastasiadis.

The members of the SAE Europe Regional Coordinating Council attended the Convention with great interest recording the positions and proposals presented by the young delegates.

The Youth Network Convention was broadcast live on the Web for the first time having as a goal to provide information, strengthen public dialogue through the exchange of views, and tackle current issues that concern the young generation.

The SAE Europe Region initiative was rewarded by the thousands of visits to the website (youth.sae-europe.eu) that create favorable working conditions for the young generation of Greeks.

Press Releasses / SAE Europe – Regional Youth Network Convention completed

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