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Regional Youth Network Convention

“Young Generation – The power of Hellenism”

The SAE Europe Region Youth Network Convention, to take place at Kolping Hotel, Frankfurt on November 14-16 with the participation of young Greeks, members of expatriate organizations active in Europe, opens tomorrow.

The Convention is an opportunity for youth in Europe to get acquainted, exchange viewpoints and set priorities for future activities, as well as define the objectives and course of the SAE Europe Region Youth Network.

The goal is to highlight the young generation momentum and encourage the spirit of cooperation and creativity, while promoting youth participation in Greek organized activities.

The Convention also aspires to promote networking and improve communication and cooperation between the young Greeks in the Region of Europe.

Within the framework of the two-day proceedings a vote will take place to elect the Region’s Youth Coordinating Committee, to constitute the network members’ dynamic voice.

Convention to be broadcast live online

Supporting the viewpoint that the utilization of the new means at the disposal of communication is necessary and that innovation, knowledge and information constitute fundamental elements of progress and development for Diaspora Hellenism, the Youth Network Convention will be broadcast live on the web.

Watching the Regional Convention live on the SAE Europe website ( youth.sae-europe.eu ) visitors will have the opportunity to be briefed on the positions and activities of the youth and SAE as well as pose questions and make their viewpoints known to the Convention and its speakers through emails (info@sae-europe.eu).

See attached Convention programme.

Press Releases / SAE Europe – Regional Youth Network Convention

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