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SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis addresses the SAE Oceania & Far East Regional Convention

“SAE moves forward with a steady pace and concrete goals, founded on our shared viewpoints that characterize our actions and decisions. Our regional conventions allow for constructive and responsible dialogue. For the first time the proposals and conclusions presented in our conventions will constitute the main bulk of the SAE Annual Report to be submitted to the Greek State in early 2009,” SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis stated addressing the SAE Oceania & Far East Regional Convention held in Sydney during the weekend.

He also stressed that SAE has proved that it does not have the intention to replace local communities, organizations and federations or make suggestions on how the Greeks abroad should act.

The SAE President referred extensively to the important efforts made to upgrade the organization and the action taken since 2006 focusing on the young generation, the promotion of the Greek language and culture and the organization’s financial independence. He also announced that the next two years will be dedicated to Culture and Youth, while a meeting of Greek expatriate media representing all Regions will be held in 2009.

President Tamvakis praised the contribution of the Greeks in the Antipodes stressing that despite the great distance from the homeland they have preserved contact with Greece, the Greek language and culture and congratulated Regional Coordinator George Angelopoulos and the Coordinating Council members for their great efforts.

Referring to SAE’s excellent cooperation with the Church and the Orthodox Patriarchates, Tamvakis stated that the goal is to become even broader.

As regards the voting rights of the Greeks abroad, he pointed out that SAE wants a “golden mean” solution on the basis of the already expressed position.

“Our objectives and decisions will not be changed even if we’ll have to follow an uphill path. We do not accept temporary solutions that could become permanent and do not express the Greeks abroad,” he stressed.

He referred to the organization’s stance as regards issues of national interest, stressing that SAE supports Greece and Cyprus in direct cooperation with the countries’ leaderships.

Within the framework of the convention, Tamvakis conferred with the Regional Coordinating Council members and the newly established Coordinating Committee of the SAE Oceania & Far East Region Youth Network.

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