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SAE Canada Regional Coordinator Costas Menegakis addressed a letter to Transport Minister Costis Hatzidakis expressing the great concern of the Greek-Canadian community as regards the future of the Greek national carrier Olympic Airlines (OA) Montreal-Toronto-Athens route, pointing out that it is not loss-making considering that all flights are booked in advance all year round.

“The Greek-Canadians do not wish the company to be shutdown,” is underlined in the letter. “Thousands of Greeks, particularly the elderly, depend on the OA services opting for its direct flights feeling more at ease traveling with a Greek carrier due to their inadequate knowledge of the English language and health problems.”

In conclusion, Menegakis pointed out that the likelihood for the OA flights, from and to Canada, to stop or even be slashed would create an unpleasant atmosphere in the relations of the Greek-Canadians with the motherland, adding that, at the same time, it could have a negative effect on the number of tourists from Canada visiting Greece.

Source: ANA MPA

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