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SAE Europe Regional Convention

SAE Europe will hold its Regional Convention in Frankfurt on October 24-26 with the participation of Greek expatriate organizations active in Europe.

The convention goals are to record the positions of the SAE members, promote networking and improve communication and cooperation between the members of the Region with the purpose of developing coordinated strategies for the benefit of Greeks Abroad.

“The presentation of expatriate positions on issues that directly concern them and the exchange of information will contribute to shaping an updated and effective policy for the Hellenism of Diaspora,” Regional Coordinator Giorgos Amarantidis pointed out.

The convention proceedings will attend President and 1st Vice-President of the Parliamentary Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad, Nikolaos Tsiartsionis and Grigoris Niotis respectively, General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad General Director Ioannis Kyparissidis, Ministry of Education Special Secretary for Cross-Cultural Education Angelos Syrigos and SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis.

Ktimatologio SA President Christos Goulas will brief the participants on the national land registry underway in Greece.

Live online convention coverage

Live online coverage of the Regional Convention will be available on the SAE Europe website (http://conference.sae-europe.eu) contributing to the launch of a public debate as regards the progress of current policy on Greeks abroad and the factors that reinforce it.

The website visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the positions and activities of SAE and its organizations and pose questions to the convention delegates and the speakers through email (info@sae-europe.eu).

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