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New York14.10.2008

The founding convention of the SAE USA Region Youth Network was concluded on Saturday in Chicago with the election of Maurice Gritzalis, a representative of the Pan-Macedonian Association of New York. The convention proceedings got underway on Thursday with the participation of 60 young delegates, representing SAE USA Region member-organizations as well as Greek-American organizations from across USA.

“We are very optimistic about the effort made. We had roughly 60 young professionals and scientists representing organizations in California, Montana, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, Alabama, Illinois, Florida, and Maryland among others,” SAE USA Regional Coordinator Theodore Spyropoulos told Greek-American newspaper GreekNews describing as encouraging the experience he had in Chicago from October 9 to 11.

The convention focused on Greek-speaking education, the creation of a youth website, the environmental programme “Plant Your Roots in Greece” and the “Greek Soccer” programme.

In statements he made before the convention was launched, Spyropoulos stressed that the meeting was aimed at activating the Youth to create a network that will reflect its needs and interests. “This way our young men and women will be able to coordinate their actions, create ties and be briefed on issues that concern Hellenism,” he pointed out.

The convention attended Fr. Mark Leondis on behalf of Archbishop Demetrios of America, Greece’s Consul General to Chicago Anastasios Petrovas representing the Greek State, Education Coordinator in Chicago Nikos Nikolidakis and the Canada Youth Coordinator.

Source: Greek News

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